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Email Migration

How To Migrate Email from old Host provider to New Host provider.
How do I move my email from Company A to Company B?

Generic Explanation as a guide: (substitute Outlook for your favorite email app)

1. you set up an outlook email address to connect to your current email account with your current provider using the IMAP settings.
2. you set up another email address to connect to your new email account with your new provider using those IMAP settings
- now you can see both email accounts simultaneously.
with IMAP, it will show all emails in each email box.
- one will be "full" one will be "empty"
in the outlook app, copy the emails from 1 to the other.
- now you have 2 copies.
- when you change DNS (name servers) email will stop going to the old provider and start going to the new provider.
- when you know this is working, you can cancel services with old provider.
- This technique will work with any standard hosting company.

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