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Add addon domains to host multiple websites

If your hosting packages supports multiple websites, it is very easy to add them.

Addon Domains – Pros and Cons


In the Control Panel click on Services.

In the My Products & Services section, click Active button.

Scroll down to Quick Shortcuts.

Click on Addon Domains.

Complete the following fields, and then click Add Domain.

  • New Domain Name — Enter the domain name you want to use as the addon domain.
  • Subdomain - Enter the name you want to use for the subdomain (optional).
  • Document Root — Enter the name of a directory you want to create in the home directory. You'll upload the New Domain Name's files to this directory to make its website display.
  • Create an FTP Username — (Optional) Enter the FTP username you want to use for the subdomain (not for the main domain name).
  • Password & Password (Again) — Enter the FTP password you want to use.

*Adding domains to your cPanel account allows you to create FTP users for the domain name. This FTP user has access to the domain name's Document Root and all of its subdirectories, but nothing above it.

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