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Reseller Overview - Differences

Reseller Packages are a great way to manage your clients. They are designed to give you the "feel" of being your own hosting service and are ideally suited for consultants and web designers who want to manage all of their clients in one central place.

The Basic Reseller is the cPanel server. No billing software included. You can optionally add any billing system that connects to cPanel.
Difficulty level: Medium
Advantage -  white labeling.
Summary: You can give all your clients their own control panel, but you have to manage and renew all of their domains.

R10 - PROFESSIONAL (free to signup!) (Pay-As-U-Go)
R10 (Signup)
This is a true Turn-key solution.
Setup - $0.00 (It is free to create a reseller account) However,
(This requires pre-deposited funds to sell any services and to maintain selling ability of services. Minimum deposit = $25.00)
Look at as an example demo. This is our sample demo reseller R10 DEMO. You are truly a hosting company with your own branding.
Difficulty level: Low (It can take as little as 15 minutes to get started!)
Advantage -  white labeling.
Summary: You are a "real" reseller and can give yourself and your clients complete management of control panel, domain registration sign ups and management.

R2-R3-R4 - BUSINESS (these are available under in R10 package to you as a reseller) You can sign yourself up as your own reseller!
R2-R3-R4 Includes WHMCS billing license*
DEMO SAMPLE product details at:   
(DEMO: informational only - DO NOT ORDER from this page!)
* License only. You need to install and configure.
Difficulty level: High (but worth it once setup)
Advantage -  white labeling and full customer billing.

Stick with our packages. No setup issues. All you need to do is add a package for each customer and upload website and email to the new system. Simple to migrate in that sense.
Disadvantage -  No white labeling.

All other reseller package solutions are going to require a little more effort, setup, and time spent learning the new control panel. Plus management time.
Advantage -  white labeling.

-You may best benefit by a hybrid solution. Accounts are free. Only pay for services.

-OPTION 1:  You could setup each of your customers in their own separate hosting package in your account. Only you are contacted regarding hosting. Consider who is the registrant of domain names as the domain owner gets various emails from our systems.

-OPTION 2: Setup as Hostica customer and you would be the consultant/manager.

-OPTION 3: Customers who don't need ftp access, or their own email management, or DNS services, etc. could be on a PRIME package or Basic Reseller (easier management than PRIME).

-OPTION 4: Customers who need their own separate access to FTP, email management, DNS services, etc. are best suited for any reseller package, an individual package.

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