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Reseller1 Account FAQ

Reseller1 Account FAQ

- Please choose the domain name carefully. Once the reseller account is setup with the domain name you choose, you CANNOT CHANGE DOMAIN NAME without deleting the entire reseller1 account and starting over! (this only applies to the reseller1 account, not to any other user accounts created in the reseller1 account)


1. reseller accounts are expandable and upgradable.

2. domain registrations, management, renewals, can only be done thru a billing control panel. You can use your WHMCS control panel to manage and renew any domain name. However, you would not be able to offer your end users the same access unless you install WHMCS in your reseller to allow end users management access access.

3. you can offer each end user a single cPanel account with multiple domains. Note: the first domain is the "primary" domain and all other domains are add-on domains.See our article on Hostica PRIME package for details. 

4. SSL is available for every website.

5. Billing system is needed for end user domain management. Not needed if you do all domain management and renewal on behalf or your customers.

6. Because reseller accounts are not expandable, it is better to go bigger, make sure to leave room to grow, and get multiple accounts.

7. Wordpress requires a database. All Linux reseller packages support Wordpress.

8. Each end user account can have unlimited email boxes. You get to configure settings.

9. The R10 packages would only be useful if you are adding sub-resellers. Those are people just like you. Resellers. not recommended for your customers as the end user pricing can be more expensive than you are currently offering.

Being a reseller is a big challenge. You have to be the IT department supporting your customers. Hostica is providing the resources, and our support is limited to making sure that everything at the data center is working. We will help as much and where we can. It will be your job to get acquainted with the control panels and how to configure them for your use.

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