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Migrations - Domain Management Migrated to WHMCS

In our continuous effort to improve security, performance, and user experience, the current domain management feature in the old control panel (Hsphere) is being discontinued. Please use the NEW domain management interface.

ALL domains are now managed and renewed in the NEW domain management control panel. Use the EMAIL ADDRESS as the login name, NOT the username.

Account login: - Client Area

---> username  ->  OLD control panel (website - email boxes)
username:   ___  
*your username you have been using since you signed up in OLD account
password:    ___  
*same for BOTH control panels - if you forgot, let us know

---> email address  ->  NEW control panel - {SEPARATE PAYMENT REQUIRED}
(domain management - purchase - renewal (AND website / email boxes)
email address:   ___
*email address used was billing contact in old account (*if you had/have an old account)
password:   ___  
*same for BOTH control panels - if you forgot, use: Forgotten your password?
*Don't forget to check you spam folder!

*Please verify credit card info in NEW system and verify auto renewal feature at your earliest convenience.
**Renew Domain Instructions:
Renew Domain
***If you would like us to renew your domain name for you using the credit card on file, please let us know.
Please see our short help videos for visual assistance with many FAQs here:
Hostica YouTube Videos

example login:

We thank you for being a loyal customer. We assure you that these changes will provide enhanced security, better protection, and more features than ever before.

Thank you

Your Friends at

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