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Transfer Domain Registration Steps - To Hostica

Steps To Successful TRANSFER:

BEFORE  you start a transfer process: (done at current registrar)

1. Make sure the domain privacy feature is disabled.

2. Make sure owner contact on domain registration is current and valid.

3. Make sure the domain is UNLOCKED by current registrar.

4. Make sure you know the transfer code (also known as EPP) authentication code for your domain. (Usually, it can be found in your domain manager at current registrar)

5. Watch for all emails and confirmations until transfer to (Hostica) is verified (by you) and completed. (you may also see these as coming from Opensrs or Tucows)

To begin the transfer process:

1) Go to

2) Select Transfer Domain

3) Input your domain name WITHOUT the www. prefix

4) Fill out all the forms, add to cart, check out (or continue shopping).

What will happen next:

1) OpenSRS (our registrar) will email the administrative contact, asking to confirm the transfer. If the transfer is not confirmed it will fail.

2) After confirming, the transfer goes to OpenSRS for approval. This generally takes a little time, and is usually done the same day the transfer is confirmed.

3) The transfer goes to your previous registrar for approval. This takes the most time, usually around 7 days before they will release it.

Once the transfer is complete, OpenSRS (via Hostica) will be your new registrar, and another year will be added to your registration.


.uk domains require a "TAG" to transfer

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