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Hsphere vs. cPanel - Features

Hostica offers TWO DIFFERENT hosting platforms: Hsphere and cPanel
(each requires a separate login and password)

Control Panel Differences:

Hsphere - (username/password)
This (legacy) control panel is account oriented. You purchase an account. That account has "x" amount of resources (disk space, bandwidth, etc). Websites and emailboxes share the account's "pool" of resources. If there is an issue with the account, all websites stop working in that account.
Domain Management - not available. Must use separate control panel.

cPanel - (email address/password)
This control panel is services / items oriented. Accounts are FREE! You only pay for services and items that you choose. Websites and emailboxes are contained in individual packages. Each package has it's own resources independent from all other packages. Packages are more flexible.  You can customize resources and addon options as you wish. This system is great for managing all website and domains in one central account.
Domain Management - FULL management features available. 

*Consultants-this is the ideal solution for hosting your clients. With each package you can easily give each client their own cPanel login (optional) so they can manage their own FTP and emails. You take care of all of the billing. Packages are like suitcases, you can move them from account to account if needed.

**This platform comes in 2 integrated parts - WHMCS and cPanel. WHMCS is the "front-end" where you first login and see all of your services, packages, and invoices.
cPanel is the actual hosting/email control panel and accessed from within WHMCS OR can (optionally) be accessed separately from the front-end with it's own unique login making this a very flexible and powerful platform!

Compare plans and packages - Hsphere - (username/password)

You can view your current plan on the Hsphere control panel by using the online price option:

the pdf file located at:

Compare packages - cPanel - (email address/password)

Choose files or drag and drop files
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