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How to Migrate to WHMCS

How to Migrate to WHMCS/cPanel FROM Hsphere (old control panel):

sign in to your existing account using your EMAIL ADDRESS  at - Client Area


- Please create a NEW account using your EMAIL ADDRESS at - Client Area

- You will need to signup for a NEW hosting package: Hosting Packages

- Select the "hosting" package that you like with the domain name that you will be hosting. (note: for PRIME package, this is the primary/main domain)
(you must use option: I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers)

- Reply back to this email with any domain(s) registered with Hostica so that we can add any missing domain registration services for you (you cannot do this yourself).

- Then WE will manually add the domain registration services (if needed) to the new platform.

- Once you have confirmed your new account and hosting package, you will be able to migrate your services (website AND email) to the new system. Unfortunately, there is no automatic migration at this time.

- Please retain the welcome email when creating new account as it will contain ALL required login information for new account (Account, FTP, temporary FTP, etc.)

- We will transfer any credit from your old hosting account to the new hosting account after the old account is closed. (Please remove your credit card from OLD account now and notify us when migration is completed. Your OLD account and billing is NOT automatically closed.)

*There should be no disruption of service as you will change the DNS settings to the new platform after you have confirmed all is well on the new platform.
We can also help you determine that by request.

Hostica is pleased to offer our new hosting platform.
SIGNUP: If you are interested in migrating your account(s) to this new platform, please use the link below: - Client Area


NameServers (DNS):


Migration Hsphere - WHMCS (client) CheckList

How to Purchase Hosting Package (Existing Customer Migrating from Hsphere)

How to Purchase Hosting Package for cPanel

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