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How to Purchase Hosting Package (Existing Customer Migrating from Hsphere)

This article is intended for current Hostica customers who already have an account in the "OLD" Hsphere control panel and are setting up a NEW account in the NEW WHMCS/cPanel control panel. This is part of the migration from old system to the new system steps required.

1. signup for the first package at:

2. select STARTER - Order Now

3. select - I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers

4. enter domainname and extension separately5. continue to checkout6. order summary - checkout7. enter your information, then scroll to bottom8. use mail-in payment (unless you are paying for this service at this time) and accept terms of service

9. *IF your domain name is registered with (if not, skip this step)
please email us with your domain name so that we can add the registration services to your new account. 

10. Don't forget to cancel your OLD account once you have migrated your files and emails to the new system! We will apply any closing credits (if available) to you new account. We recommend that you remove your credit card (in the OLD account) to avoid unintended charges on your OLD account.

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